Friday, October 03, 2008

Wedding Happenings

Greetings everyone!
I thought that I would use my blog during this busy month to help myself gather my thoughts and keep track of my growing “To Do” list.

Here is what the month looks like:

Next weekend (9-12) is the church camp-out. Our family is in charge of that, but many people have volunteered and all that we really have to do is coordinate the weekend and plan our own family’s camping meals & packing.

The following week is Presbytery, Conrad and our pastor will be in Texas for the entire week. I’m sorry that I will miss it this year, but even without the wedding coming, a whole week away is crazy!

Emily’s shower is on the 21st and the Crisis Pregnancy Center’s annual benefit banquet is on the 23rd. Conrad is the chairman of the board, and so has to be there, but I haven’t decided if I will. Our friend RC is going to be speaking, and going right back home again, so I would like to go, if I’m not too crazy by then.

The 31st is the rehearsal and post rehearsal dinner. This will be the first Reformation day that we haven’t celebrated in many years, it will feel weird. I think perhaps we should at least sing “A Mighty Fortress” at the end of the dinner. What do you think?

I’m cooking the meal. It looks like we are going to have close to a hundred guests. I’m only a little nervous about how the food will turn out and having the right quantities. I’m mostly excited. I’ll be doing what I love for people I love.

The first of November, All Saint’s Day is Gaelan & Emily’s wedding. It is going to be huge, we have more than 500 people invited and only a few “regrets” have been received. Emily’s folks have engaged an amazing band and we plan to contra-dance the afternoon away! I’m baking two large cakes, the wedding cake and the groom’s cake as well as other single tier cakes to serve all of those guests.

Things accomplished:
Wedding cake flavors and d├ęcor decided on.
Guest list for the rehearsal dinner finished.
Menu for the rehearsal dinner and contract for room rental taken care of.
Dress purchased (still have to find shoes and jewelry).
Desserts for rehearsal dinner made (I chose many dishes that make ahead and freeze beautifully since I will be concentrating on decorating a wedding cake.)
Out-of-town relatives notified of hotel arrangements and invited to rehearsal dinner.

Today’s To Do List:
·Make the Red Beans for the rehearsal dinner in the roaster and freeze.
·Decide on exact amounts for the main dishes and check for ingredients still needed.
·Work on seating assignments and continue to brain storm about a low-key activity for during the dinner to help family members get acquainted. Any ideas?
·Make slaw for Sunday’s dinner (this is so that I can spend some of Saturday at the folk arts festival in our town.)
·Downstairs straightened. This gets delegated for the most part to the kids.
·Some errands, Michael’s and Ulta and a friend’s house to pick up some vegetables that she is chopping for me.
·Bake what I hope is the last cake to decide on what recipe I’m using for the groom’s cake.
·Work on the gift I’m making for Emily for her shower.
·Supper Bubble & Squeak

Today, I’m thankful for: Our Heavenly Father’s care. I don’t know how anyone can marry off a kid, or send them off to start their life without being able to trust to God for their life. And for His care in my very breathing out & breathing in not to mention all of the unimportant details such as getting ready for a wedding.

In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps.
Proverbs 16:9

'For in him we live and move and have our being.' Acts 17:28a

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MichelleR said...

Will be praying for you throughout this month. It is an exciting time, we are excited and praying for them too.