Saturday, October 04, 2008

27 days and counting!

Today, I hope to get most of my To Do list done in the morning so that I can go to the Fall Folk Arts festival in Newport News Park this afternoon when Conrad gets home from work.

The weather here is beautiful! Cool and sunshiny. When it is chilly enough in the house that I need to put on a sweater, it makes me want to bake! I am looking forward to having a couple of young ladies over to my house in November to make streudels. I usually make them for Reformation Day, but won't this year!

I have a couple of items off of yesterday's to do list that still need doing:
Bake that cake!
Make Slaw for tomorrow's lunch
And the house can still use some more straightening.

Here is today's list.
Have Steven & Isaac bleach the front of the house
Yardwork (lots of sticks to pick up and more cutting back of the shrubbery)
Bedrooms cleaned
Make BBQ pork for Sunday's lunch
Clean my library
Catalog a couple of items for the church library
Make a grocery list for the remaining items for the wedding weekend.
Normal Sunday prep things such as find your clothes and makesure there's food ready.
GO TO THE FESTIVAL! Do you think I'll make it?

We are all looking forward to the church campout, it is one of my most favorite events of the year. I'm reserving all of next week for that, sort of taking a week off of wedding preperation.

Well, Gaelan should be home soon from work (8:30ish). It is hard (and exciting) to think that it won't be me keeping that vigil much longer. I'm going to go get some chicory coffee and make sure that my late risers are out of one wants to get up when the windows have been open all night and it's chilly! I'm going to listen to the messages that my pastor has already preached in this current sermon series while I'm baking and cleaning today. Here's a link!

God bless your Sunday preperations and worship!

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