Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I’m taking a short break while bread is rising and cake is cooling to do a little reading/writing.

I have plans for next Christmas. I’m going to start on present making early. I know, I know, I say this every year, and being a flighty procrastinator, find myself running around like crazy in December trying to catch up!
BUT! !This time I have made plans to get together with other ladies once a month and work on a project. I really, really hope this works!

Also, I think I will get the family to help me work out an advent catechism….I wonder if there is already such a thing in existence? You know, put down into words the things we talk about throughout the Christmas holiday to be used as a sort of family liturgy. “What do we celebrate at this time of year?” etc…. getting down into the beautiful Grace filled theology of Christ’s incarnation.

Tonight, Gaelan & his bride Emily will join us for dinner, advent devotions and gift exchanging before he heads off to work. Police Officers don’t get holidays off very often as sister Kathryn has often said.

Tomorrow, we will go to Kathryn’s house, (just a mile a way, what a blessing!) and eat begniets and open gifts with her family. We will then just hang out there, playing games, eating and visiting with friends who drop in.

I hope that you all have a blessed Christmas, as you remember the Savior who gave up the riches of heaven to dwell among us so that we may be adopted as sons of God.

All praise to thee, Eternal Lord,
Clothed in a garb of flesh and blood;
Choosing a manger for thy throne,
While worlds on worlds are thine alone.

Once did the skies before thee bow;
A virgin’s arms contain thee now;
Angels who did in the rejoice
Now listen for thine infant voice.

A little Child, thou are a guest,
That weary ones in thee may rest;
Forlorn and lowly is thy birth,
That we may rise to heav’n from earth.

Thou comest in thy darksome night
To make us children of the light,
To make us, in the realms divine,
Like thine own angels round thee shine.

All this for us thy love hath done;
By this to thee our love is won;
For this we tune our cheerful lays,
And shout our thanks in ceaseless praise.
Martin Luther 1524

Monday, December 22, 2008

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FOR TODAY, Monday, December 22, 2008...

Outside my window... the Sun is shining brightly and the wind is blowing mightily – I bet there’ll be lots of sticks to pick up later.

I am thinking... how blessed I am to be able to be at home to make things warm and welcoming for my family.

I am thankful for... so many things! For this time of year that makes us stop and reflect on the best & most beautiful gift of all, our Lord Christ.

From the learning rooms... just every day things, good music (really listening to Handel’s Messiah), discussing what we are reading, reflecting on our Advent Devotions and praying for those God has given us to pray for. Oh, and 20 minutes a day spent on handwriting practice! ;^)

From the kitchen... some gifts- Apricot-Pineapple Jam & cheesecakes, and a headstart on Christmas Eve dinner – Onion- Mustard rolls & King’s Hawaiian Bread.

I am wearing... Blue jeans, a favorite t-shirt (with burgundy flowers) and my old khaki sweater…my ancient black slides on my feet.

I am creating... a few sewing projects for Christmas gifts, can’t tell though!
I am going... to have to venture out eventually for just a couple of more things and a few groceries.

I am reading... the delightful “Anne & Frederick What-If” entitled “The Little Particulars of the Circumstance” by Susan Kaye over at her blog, what fun!

I am hoping... that Conrad will be home soon, he went in to work last night.

I am hearing... Shayna practicing her piano “Give me that old-time religion” and several carols.

Around the house... People doing chores upstairs, the smell of apricots, laundry waiting to be started and little snippets of felt all over the couch from late night ornament projects.

One of my favorite things... early morning with a hot cup of coffee and blessed quiet so that I can think!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Early this week, a mad scramble to get things finished. (I had the flu and some other things that took my attention and made it impossible to stay on schedule last week!) Our son, Gaelan and his Emily Dearest will come for Christmas Eve dinner, Advent devotions and gift giving, then we will head on over to sister Kathryn’s after begniets in the morning to hang out all day, playing games and just enjoying each other’s company.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...
I would like to put up a Christmas tree picture, but am not the camera person in our house…so I will just put up the family picture from the wedding.

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Check out the Mother Letter Project. I’ve only read a couple of the letters but they are good…and I like the idea very much.

I learned about it in a convoluted way, (like so many things in the blog world!). Amy’s Humble Musings linked to the letter written by Ann at A Holy Experience…I thought that that letter was excellent and saw the link to the Mother Letter Project. So get a cup of coffee or tea and read one (but only while the kids are otherwise occupied). Merry Christmas, Moms!