Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Today we start to get ready for our church campout!
My To Do List:
Gather things to pack into a pile in the living room
Work really hard on the laundry (Conrad needs to pack to go away for a week on Sunday evening)
Cook a side dish and dessert to bring for Sunday's lunch
Make cookies for snacking over the weekend
Grocery Shopping for the campout and to take advantage of sales for the rehearsal dinner
Spend extra time in The Word (feeling dry lately and it is mostly because I've been neglectful in that area)
Spend lots of time in Thanksgiving and Praise

The rest of the week, I'm trying to put the wedding out of my mind (hard, even impossible to do, but I'm going to just jot down the thoughts and then move on).

It looks like it might be a bit rainy, but thankfully the temperatures will be warm. Who minds a little wet if it isn't too cold?
I'm looking forward to a relaxing, fun-filled weekend with hubby before he goes away for a whole week to Presbytery. Conrad has been working insane hours lately and then with all of the other duties he has it will be nice to have nothing to do but visit with dear church family and enjoy the outdoors.

Next week I will be jumping in to get the majority of the remaining work done for the wedding.

I will write again when the weekend is over.

Here's a link to a convicting article which I found over at Ladies Against Feminism.

Today I'm Thankful for: Frozen pizzas! And the chilly, breezy, sunshiny day. I'm also thankful that my friend Myra is coming in for the wedding from Holland! Woohoo!
Today I'm praying for: Gaelan and Emily and Emily's family who are all working hard on the wedding. For my cousin Marla who just lost her dad - my Uncle Billy, I'll miss him.
What's for Dinner? Grandmother Doskey's chicken and noodles and some of Granny Smith's ginger bread cake, it's the perfect day for it!

Here's a link to my Pastor's latest sermon in the series on Ecclesiastes, I am still thinking about it.

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