Thursday, October 23, 2008

Still getting ready.

Brrr! It's chilly outside. Gaelan has just left to go to try-outs for Tactics Team. He doesn't think he'll make it this time. He's had far more important things to do than work out lately. He says he just wants to do a respectable job at it. So, ya'll can pray however the Lord leads there.

We have less than 10 days to go before the wedding. Yesterday I spent about 4 hours shopping with my kind and patient youngest son looking for the shoes and jewelry to go with what I'm wearing for the wedding. So, now THAT'S done!

I have decided (after discussing it with a fellow baker) to not freeze the cakes ahead, but to work on them just a couple of days before the wedding. So, this is how my schedule looks.

This week:
Thursday-Saturday - a thorough cleaning of the much neglected house and yard.

Sunday is our day of rest (thank you Lord!) We are planning to picnic at the York River after church.

Monday I'm taking down Shayna's hair and grocery shopping for fresh ingredients.

Tuesday Shayna's hair gets deep conditioned and I prepare to bake.

Wednesday I will begin to bake, crumb coat, wrap & chill cakes. I will also thaw the chicken breasts for one of the main dishes at the party.

Thursday I will begin to thaw the food for the rehearsal dinner, brine the chicken breasts, finish baking any cakes not baked and make the filling for the cake. I will also make the buttercream for the cakes.

Friday is the day before the wedding and the rehearsal dinner. I will ice & stack the cakes and transport them to the walk-in cooler at the reception hall. Then will get started heating up and cooking for the rehearsal dinner.

Rehearsal is at 4:30, so I'll get ushered down the aisle and then leave for where the dinner is at in order to be ready for dinner at 6:15.

Then, I should be free on Saturday to get my nails done before the wedding? Maybe, maybe not!

I'm not sure when Shayna's hair is going to get done at that time. A friend has offered to do it for me, I am going to take her up on it. Perhaps Thurs or Fri.

No matter how I figure it, Thursday and Friday will be very busy days. Pray for us all as the wedding approaches.


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Heather said...

I am praying for you!!

Love, Heather