Thursday, December 20, 2007

Nutcracker Ballet today!

A young lady at church is in the ballet company and is going to be one of the rats! So, we are going to a performance this morning with about 50 other folks from church, it should be great!

On Tuesday I made 120 ginger snaps and about 60 sugar cookies. The kids had a great time icing them. I wish I had taken pictures! Gaelan sat at the table with the children (Steven was at work) and iced police cars and very fancy elephants. Hoppy (my niece Hannah) used three colors almost exclusively, pink, purple and light brown! Elena was into quantity and iced the most cookies. It was a great time. I do feel like I cleaned up more than I baked, but them's the breaks! I did get all of my cards and packages out, which is a big relief!

Yesterday, I cleaned my oven, so now it's all ready for my marathon baking starting this afternoon. I also finished several sewing projects and wrapped some things. Gaelan took the younger two out shopping in the afternoon and I think they had a good time. Isaac is still feeling under the weather a bit. Last night, Conrad and I went out with another couple for a nice dinner and to answer some questions in light of their joining the church. It was a very nice time and we got to know one of our newer couples.

When I get home today, I'm going to start baking cakes for gifting.

Tomorrow, after sitting for Mel, I will dive into the cookie baking and packing (the cookies, not us).

I'm thankful today for: The new families who are in our church, even though it is very crowded. A chance to go out with my daughter and friends today. My husband's wisdom and shepherd's heart. Family and friends coming in for the Christmas holiday.

Today I'm praying: For the peace of Christ to reign in our home. For us to be future focused, learning how to serve Christ better each day. For my children, that they will be caught when they sin. Psalm 119:71.

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