Sunday, December 02, 2007

We're home from a lovely Lord's Day celebration. We have a little of time to rest and then we have a parenting class here tonight- always lots of fun.

Warning: the remainder of this post is about health issues and not really very interesting, you have my permission to mose on over to someone else's blog!:
Just for clarification. The headaches I am experiencing are not new to me, though having them for such a long time is. I have had hormone related headaches since I was 14 and used to have them about every two weeks. Since my operation, I have been experiencing them more and more, culminating in one that I have had (sometimes less, sometimes more) for several weeks. I have had a couple of shots following my surgery to completely flush my system of any estrogen because of the endomitriosis. When this is over (late January) we will begin to find out how to get my hormones in balance (through hormone therapy) in order to get me headache free. What a change THAT will be!

Since I have had these headaches for almost 30 years now, I have had several MRIs as well as examinations to check for other causes such as TMJ. I will be calling my Dr. tomorrow to see if I can try yet another headache medicine since what I have been taking isn't making a dent (in fact, I am trying not to take anything, right now, since I don't like the nausea that the prescription meds cause, and the over the counter migraine medicine doesn't do much and I'm concerned about taking too much too often.)

I hope that that helps those who wondered understand a little better (thanks Dawn for calling!).

I do just fine, I am not stuck in bed, just made less effective in my day-to-day work. My family is gracious and understanding and help me when I seem to be having a harder time than usual, but they have had lots of practice over the years.

I'll keep ya'll posted if there's any change. Thanks!

P.S. Please don't forget to continue to pray for the Parkers and little Micah!

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Cindy at Dominionfamily said...

Thanks for explaining. I will be praying for you.

We pray for Nicholas all the time. It seems this year his department has had a record number of deaths. It is too big for me to worry about but I do pray. (In reference to your other post.)

Blessings, Cindy