Monday, December 10, 2007

Please pray for our week.

This week is stacking up to be exhausting. Please, if you think of it, pray for us.

Today, we have the visitation for Micah. We will be getting to meet a lot of the family's family and friends who are here for the funeral. Several families in the church are hosting people who are traveling here. Conrad has to prepare to speak at the funeral.

Tuesday is the funeral. We are making food to feed lunch to about 300 people. (So today is shopping and baking day!)

Wednesday is the internment in the countryside at a private cemetary.

Thursday is a baby shower for someone else at church (the first of our next "rash" of babies, hurray!)

Friday, our family is hosting a homeschool presentation day and Christmas party, just for our shepherding families, but that is a lot of people! So, somewhere in the busyness, I have to make the food for that event and keep the house clean. And I know Isaac doesn't have his piece completely memorized (he's hoping I'll forget, I think!);)

We need to find time to meet with a few people, too, this week. And Conrad and I need to go shopping for the volunteers at the Crisis Pregnancy Center.

You know what, though? I tend to really shine when things get crazy. I'm one of those people who works better with a deadline. Headaches? Who has time for those, when you're this busy? It is my down time that I am really tempted to complain about such things.

Oh... I just realized that it is really high time I get presents in the mail, and though I am not very good at getting Christmas cards out every year, I had planned to this year.

Mostly, pray for the funeral and the things surrounding that event. Pray that God would be glorified in the service and people attending would be convicted of the truth of the Gospel, that there is a sure hope in Christ, and that there is a literal heaven and hell. That God's people love Him and submit themselves to His perfect plan for them.

Micah's family wants to make sure that everyone knows that God had a perfect plan for Micah, and accomplished that plan. There was no cruelty or mistake. And that they rejoice in God's will for them, though they miss Micah's presence very much.

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