Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Today is Cookie Baking Day!

Well...one of them. Today we work on our sugar cookie cut-outs. One year when I asked the kids which Christmas Holiday tradition they most enjoyed they said this one. I thought, "Oh great, the one which is most work for me!" It is great fun though! We have a terrific recipe and lots of cookie cutters, some left from when I was a child.

THEN we ice them with the kind of icing that gets hard (royal icing) in about a dozen different colors. The boys have great fun using the cookie cutters in unusual ways - like turning the bell upside down and making an alien. It's a big mess and of course, we have to eat them all because who wants to give the neigbors a Merry Christmas alien?

Kathryn, Mom and the girls are going to come over and help before ballet class. And Steven hopes to join us when he gets home from work in the afternoon.

The rest of the week, I'm going to be working on baking the variety of cookies that we give to neighbors and friends.

I'll try to post this evening and let you know how much I got done and perhaps recipes, if anyone wants them.

I've also got to get out Christmas cards and packages this afternoon! And company's comin' soon!

The focus of the day: Well obviously, it's cookies and packages...but we are not going to skip our holiday school time.

What's for supper: I promised the kiddos party food...so we are having a croc pot full of meatballs with rice pilaf and cooked carrots and salad. I definitely think cookies are for dessert!

What I'm thankful for: Our health, even with the occasional cold it really is excellent! That we have company coming soon and I can't wait to hug niece and nephews and sisters and brothers. That our friends in Holland are coming soon for a visit, I miss them! That God is blessing our sons in their chosen professions and in their pursuit of the responsibilities of adult life. I'm thankful for my husband, he is one of the hardest working people I know.

What I'm praying for: Consistory meeting tonight. For Micah's precious family. That my husband would get done what he needs to at work before Christmas shut-down. For the Crisis Pregnancy Center. For my children: That they will hate sin. Psalm 97:10

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