Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Must Read Link

I'm so glad that Carmon at Buried Treasure is blogging again! She has been sharing with us the talks that she gave to an OPC women's conference. There are several good biographical articles on Christian women. Go...Read, and be challenged!

We are having a busy week following the church campout and the birth of Gabriel. I'm having some difficulty getting back into a routine, but that's okay.

Today we have a Dr.s appointment and it takes something as trivial as that to throw off my whole day!

So, today I'm full of thankfulness for the continued life of a dear friend who had a heart attack the night before last. He's in ICU but is improving and we are so thankful! And of course, there's little Gabriel - an angel indeed!

We are eating crock pot chicken for dinner...I think!

We are learning the hymn "Come You Thankful People Come!"

And in preparation for the Lord's Day, I'm thinking about what I will fix to bring to the congregational lunch.

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