Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Head on over to Reformation Theology to read this article:What Would Be The Point of Evangelism if Divine Election Is True?

I made chicken-broccoli alfredo last night. Would you believe it is the first time I've made a traditional alfredo sauce? The dish was very good, served with a salad and garlic bread.
Tonight we have an appointment until 5:30 and Conrad has proposed burgers from the local burger joint. I'll take that offer!
Tomorrow, I have a roast thawed for pot roast...not sure how I'm going to flavor it yet, Korean, Mexican or traditional Anglo-Saxon with vegetables.

Well, we're having a busy day today...so I'm off!Gabriel and his Uncles 10-19-09

Gabriel and his Uncles

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pfarmwife said...

Alfredo is a favorite around Providence Farm. What a sweet thing...Gabriel and his uncles! We'll have to let you try a Providence Farm Beef Roast! ;-)