Thursday, January 24, 2008

One of my favorite bloggers has decided to stop blogging. I will really miss her posts and I’m glad that she is going to be keeping her archives up. Cindy’s posts are often full of content, challenging my thinking and encouraging me to know why I believe what I do.
She has been a modern day “Titus 2” woman to me, blogging to encourage us to love our husbands and children and to be busy at home. The thing that has made her unique is that she doesn’t stop there, she challenges us to not fall back on assumptions when we do these things. Cindy has helped me to think about what it means to love my husband, love my children and be busy at home.
I really appreciate the women who blog who help me wrestle with what those commands look like here, today, in my life. Cindy (and others) help me to wrestle with my theology and my orthopraxy (living out that theology).

I don’t blog like that. I blog in little snatches of time, not devoting much thought or planning to what I’m going to say. First, I’m not very good at focusing, period, and secondly, it takes all of my energy to be focused on what I’m doing here, loving my husband, and children and being busy at home.
I blog, because I know that there are people who know me, who would like to stay in touch with me, our family and our everyday lives. I really don’t expect to have anyone else really interested in this blog. I’m okay with that, infact, I don’t think that I could take the pressure of a broad readership, imagined or real.

Cindy, I think has handled the pressure beautifully and has been a brave woman to hang on teaching us as long as she has. I’m going to miss the glimpses into her family life – her oldest boys have traveled farther down the paths that my own oldest are on, graduation from homeschool, careers, courtship, marriage. I’m going to miss her encouragement to enrich the culture in my home, something I have to work hard at. I’m going to miss her encouragement to enrich the culture of my mind, something that I need a lot of encouragement in – doing this in a purposeful and disciplined manner. I’m just going to miss Cindy.

I’m thankful for the other bloggers out there who do many of these things for me as well. I hope that when I point you in their direction, that you go look and ponder. They often say the things I want to say, but in a way that I never can.


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