Tuesday, September 08, 2009

We are keeping Quiet Time journals based on this post by Ann at A Holy Experience. I have great hopes for the things we will encounter using the journals...if we can only keep them up!

Today is the beginning of our week...we enjoyed a day of relaxation and visiting with friends. The rain is falling pretty steadily and the light coming in the windows is gray. We have the lights on throughout the house and I am trying very hard to keep the mood from being dreary. My students are at the table working on their assignments and I'm settling down in the library adjacent to begin my morning of paperwork.

I have begun to take Conrad to work since parking has gotten so bad at the shipyard and we will have to figure out how to fit that new aspect of the morning into our routine. It gets us started a little late, but all together, which is a good thing.

Well, there's much to do and my time on the computer is up. Have a good week!

What's for dinner? Burritos and salad

What I'm thankful for: The rain and a comfortable dry house! For new beginnings. For prayer time in the morning with my husband. For kids who are demonstrating good attitudes...so far!

What I'm praying for: For me to remember my huge influence over the tone of our home. That God would help me to be thankful and prayerful. That I would remember that by dying I will live, by serving I will be satisfied, by caring I will feel carefree. That instead of worrying about my burdens, I should carry others' burdens. *see what I'm studying below.

What I'm reading in The WORD: I'm reading Isaiah 58 over and over this week (perhaps this month). I'm punched in the stomach with it! Today, I'm meditating on verses 10 & 11.

A blog to check out today: Look at WEE FOLK ART for a cute mini pumpkin patch craft...I'm thinking that these would make cute little gifts to bring to someone when we visit.

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Heather said...


You are so right that we set the tone of our family! I fail far to often!

Thanks for sharing the link for the mini pumpkins. They are so cute!

I hope you have a blessed day.

Love, Heather