Friday, September 04, 2009

I've been rearranging the furniture downstairs. It is mostly done and I've only the books to arrange on the shelves. Everything has gotten a good cleaning and things just feel fresher around here!
I've been trying to keep my blog list current by adding and subtracting blogs as I see articles that are really great.
I know that there are probably better ways to do that, but I don't have time to figure it out!

I've just finished tightening Shayna's braids and have lots more to do around the house today, especially paperwork - menu planning, grocery list writing, lesson planning and general filing. I also have to get going on my grandson's cradle set and get it finished before he is due in just three weeks!

What's for dinner? There were turkey breasts on sale last week for $.97/lb. and I bought six! We will have one tonight for dinner with stuffing and green beans and I will use the leftover turkey in fried rice over the weekend.

I'm thankful for: The wonderful cool weather this week, and the breezes coming through the windows. I'm thankful for Isaac's kindness to Shayna this morning - fetching things for her when she was forced to sit still while I did her hair. For Steven's first week of school behind him and his enthusiasm for his studies. There's so much!

What I'm studying in the Word: Conrad has been teaching us from a commentary on Isaiah during family worship time and I am spending time in that book to aid my understanding.

What I'm reading: Nothing for myself right now...I'm too busy getting organized! I'm reading The Hobbit to the children aloud.

I'm Praying: Constantly for Ben, fighting fires in CA, and our session dealing with difficult issues, non-stop. I'm praying regularly for Ryan & Meg getting married in a few weeks. For our church family, that we would grow in Grace and would pour ourselves out for Christ. For Emily as she nears Tad's due date for rest for her body and health and a safe delivery.

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Have a lovely weekend!

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Heather said...


How wonderful that you are going to be a grandmother!!!!

Love, Heather