Friday, May 10, 2013

The Weather; Nothing New Under the Sun

   We knew this would happen. One day, we are remarking about how long it's been chilly and how we are still waiting for Spring and then the next day, we are desperately trying to keep the AC off for one more day!
   I'm sitting on my couch as we enjoy the breeze from two fans going on high. I'm sorry that I planned to use the oven for dinner, but don't have enough energy to think of something else. Oh well!
   Life is busy. We have a new puppy. He's a border collie and boy is he busy! Looking after him is more nerve wracking than looking after a toddler! He rushes to swallow anything that hits the ground, nips and bites (though he's better than he was about that a week or two ago!) and generally keeps us on our toes. We just have to keep him occupied AND tired! That means extra activity for Mama - a good thing. 

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