Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Summer time... and the living is easy...

That song is going through my head this week. The easy part is well...up to interpretation.
Having lots of company in and out is hard, there's lots more work to do, but it's easy on the heart and soul! It is great fun to stay up late talking, even though I pay for it in the morning.
Our guests are here, after a wonderful homeschool convention, the Howards came to our house to rest and worship. Church was packed, and once again, I got choked up with thankfulness for our new pastor - we are so blessed!
I got incredibly tickled when the 7 year old who is staying with us asked me to introduced him to Bill Potter. This young man did an excellent job, shaking his hand vigorously and saying, "Mr. Potter, I have heard your Vision Forum CDs and they are WONDERFUL!" and later, "Mr. Potter, I hope we can have lunch together sometime!" Bill was very gracious. His wife Leslie tells me that he started back when he was 7, his parents gave him a book on oratory and "off he went!".

The mother of our visiting family was not well, yesterday, and spent most of the afternoon and evening resting. She was up again, and quite chipper this morning. I hope that she was able to catch up on her rest. JimBob and their oldest stayed up way to late with us and learned how to play Dutch Blitz, and Pilgrim's Progress. Before going to bed, Rowen told me that he wanted to learn to play PIT the next night.... we'll see!

The Howards are staying with us because of the Jamestown 400 (Conrad says it sounds like a NASCAR race). Many in our church are volunteering so they get to be there. If you are like me and homebound this week, Carmon at Buried Treasure is covering the festivities. I'm loving her posts!

Conrad is working hard at the Shipyard and in his down time is very busy with shepherding God's flock. I and the younger three are holding down the fort. Gaelan is in his last week and a half of academy. He tells me that pepper-spray (I forget what he called it) training is this Wednesday - yuck! Next Wednesday he graduates. Conrad's Mom and mine will be up and so will my sister and her girls. I'm hoping that Kathryn and the girls will be here for Father's Day, which is also a congregational lunch...yay!

What do you do for Father's Day?

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