Monday, May 21, 2007

Been so busy, haven't had time to post...


I have a list of topics to try to post about, but just can't seem to get myself organized enough to carve out the time to write about something of substance.
As usual, the summer is shaping up to be busy.
The kids and I have been getting ready for guests in June (painting and rearranging) and trying to keep school work going.
Church is very busy with goodbyes for people who are moving away and hellos and moving parties for people moving here.
Conrad and I have a parenting class in our home every other Sunday night, and that is going great! I'm teaching one of the ladies in the class to quilt, so after the class, she and I snuck up into Shayna's room to get some material and supplies. I can't wait to see the finished product!
This week is not as full as last week (there was something going on every night of the week!), but the weekend is full and we have lots to do for that.
I'm hosting a wedding shower luncheon on Friday for one of the young ladies at church and then we are hosting family game night here, that evening. Hey!-the house will already be clean, right? So might as well.
On Sunday afternoon one of the families at church is hosting a big picnic to celebrate his promotion in the Air Force.
Then, things get really busy, in the month of June, we have a wedding the first weekend, the HEAV convention the second weekend, Gaelan graduates the academy the following week (I hope to have some kind of party for that, but he tells me that he may already be working!), then the following week is the Jamestown Celebration as well as a conference that we usually go to, but I think we are opting out this year, since we are so busy.

Are you tired yet? And my head is full of next year's school planning...

This is one of those posts that nobody is really interested in...except perhaps family who wonder where in the world I am. It is, I'm afraid, a guilt post.

Did I mention that my sister and Mom are moving up here sometime this summer? I can't wait!

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