Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A bragging post...for family and close friends.

Just thought I'd warn you!

A couple of days ago, Gaelan came quietly into the room I was in after having arrived home from work. "I need to go run an errand, do you need anything?" I answered no and that dinner wouldn't be for a while.
Later that evening, I noticed that he was sitting at the table with his college diploma. I recalled that he had gotten notice that it was ready to be picked up and surmised that that was what his errand was. "That looks like your diploma, may I look at it?" He shrugged and slid it over to me. It is very pretty, but the thing I noticed was the gold banner that said, "Magna Cum Laude". "Gaelan!, you didn't tell us that you had graduated at the top of your class!" Another shrug.

As I was telling the story to his father, Gaelan lounging in the library with us, I remarked that like a good homeschooler, Gaelan didn't set much store in what the "educrats"say. He obviously didn't think it was significant that he had earned a "Summa Cum Laude". Gaelan says, apparently disinterested from his chair, "that's Magna, Mom."

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